Before any job search you must have:


The TFN is a unique and personal 9-digit number. This number allows you to be registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). It must be communicated to your employer when you start a new job. This number does not change and is assigned for life (no matter if you change your name, visa, address etc.). You can therefore return to Australia with a second WHV or another visa and use the same number.

How to obtain a TFN ?

The TFN is available by making an online request (24/7) to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This procedure, which is free of charge, must be carried out from Australia. You will therefore not be able to make your request from home.

The TFN application is a mandatory process if you plan to work in Australia. If you do not do this, you will be taxed at the maximum (47%).

Following your request, you will receive a reference number that you can use until you receive your final TFN. It will be sent to you within 28 days, to the postal address indicated at the time of your request.

If you no longer live at the same address, don’t panic! You can still get your TFN by calling 13 28 61 (from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday). If you do not speak English well, you can always contact their translation department at 13 14 50.


If you plan to travel and work in Australia with a WHV, opening a bank account will be an essential step when you arrive. Your employer will have to pay you into an Australian account. Opening a bank account in Australia is relatively simple and free of charge.

Why open an Aussie bank account?

– Avoid using your residential country credit card (extra charges)
– To be able to receive a paycheck from an Australian company
– Allow the transfer of money at a lower cost from your country account to Australia or vice versa
– Withdrawing money from a ATM without worrying about fees
– Make online purchases
– Simplify the procedures in the event of a lost credit card (it will be easier to deal with the problem directly with your bank in Australia).

Attention : Opening an account more than 6 weeks after your arrival in Australia will be a little more complicated. Additional documents will be requested from you. You will need 100 points to create your account. For example: Passport or Extract = 70 points, International driving licence with photo = 40 points, ID card = 25 points.

Which bank to choose?

The main banks in Australia :

– Westpac:
– Commonwealth:
– ANZ:
– NAB:
– St George:
– ING Direct:

Necessary documents to open a bank account:

– Your passport
– Telephone number (Australian preferred, knowing that this is information that can be changed online later)
– Tax File Number, which you can add later
– Address in Australia (that of an acquaintance, your current accommodation or your remaining postal address if you are on the move)