House Rules

At Landing Pads we’re a clean, safe and fun place to live. To achieve this we have a set of  house rules so everyone can enjoy the Pad. Guests who are being disrespectful or breaking the following rules will receive a breach notice. Guests that continue to be disrespectful will not be accommodated ongoing. For your safety and security we have CCTV operating in the public areas of the hostel.

  • You may invite up to two visitors to hang out with you at the Pad. While visiting they are your responsibility and must not enter any dorm rooms.
  • All visitors must leave and music off from 11pm – 10am everyday as L-Pads is a working hostel not a party hostel.
  • Clean up after yourself, this includes washing, drying and putting away dishes IMMEDIATELY after use.
  • Don’t sleep on the sofas – for hygiene and general courtesy.
  • Listen to and follow all staff direction.

A breach of the following will result in eviction:

  • Physical or verbal intimidation, abuse and/or violence.
  • Sneaking visitors into the hostel between 11pm – 10am.
  • Smoking, burning candles or incense inside the house, as it is a fire hazard.
  • Entering another guest’s room without their express consent.

Ex-guests & visitors:

  • Once you check out of Landing Pads you’re welcome to return if invited by an in-house guest.
  • Visitors must follow all house rules of the hostel & leave the property before 11pm.