Doing Good


In Australia most of the Electricity is generated by coal power plants.  At Landing Pads we use Smile Power for all our electricity needs. This is offset carbon neutral power derived from Tasmanian Hydro electric power plants.

Check out the great work they do:

L-Pads also uses low wattage LED lighting and high efficiency appliances to reduce our electricity consumption.



When you travel you purchase new books, electronics and clothing and when it comes to moving on not everything will fit back in your bag. At Landing Pads we donate your old books, electronics, clothing and lost property to Diabetes Australia to resell through their “Savers” discount stores which raises money to help the fight against Diabetes

Note: we do our very best to get lost property back to their owners and hold all unclaimed lost property for at least 30 days.Click the link to see the great work they do:



Sooner or later we’ve all gotta go! Here at Landing Pads we have a lot of guests and a lot of toilets. So we exclusively use “How Gives a Crap” toilet paper. Why? Because they make all their products with environmentally friendly material such as recycled paper and ethical bamboo and donate 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing nations, so you can give a crap when on the loo! Check out their work at



When travelling, small coins and foreign currency seem to breed in your bag. At the time of course you want to hold onto that 5000 Laotian Kip, but nine countries later you may want to ethically dump that small change. At Landing Pads we support Jetstar’s “Starkids” program, it’s about transforming the lives of families and communities living in poverty and giving kids a brighter future. Helping out is easy: any foreign currency coins or notes you no longer need can be donated at reception into our Star kids Money Tin. Click the link to see the great work Starkids do.